A Transformative Retreat
of Healing and Self-Love

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Give yourself the love you always wanted and needed. 

Many of us feel that we are stuck. 

Rarely do we stop to consider what lies

underneath that feeling.


Our challenging life experiences may be trying to show us that we are actually in need of healing.


  • Do you wish you could take a break from the everyday race to discover what is holding you back in your life?

  • Do you wish you could free yourself from wounds you've put aside for so long?

  • Do you wish to heal your painful body and emotions?

  • Do you wish to get to know you better?



Our retreat “Be the love you are" is a unique opportunity to discover who you really are beyond your identification with your story, your thoughts and your emotions.

Give yourself the love and freedom that is in your heart.


This retreat is for...


Anyone who is seeking a safe place to heal physical and emotional wounds. You are welcome if you have only recently started your journey of healing and/or personal development or you have been on this path for many years.

The basics of our retreat

1. Healing -  A holistic approach that sees each individual as more than just a body or a mind. Making the connection between body, mind, emotions and spirit opens a door to heal different wounds that are carried over time. Healing is not merely curing a pain or symptom, it is the release of pain and suffering from their core.

2. Meditation - The foundation of healing work is meditation. It is not merely closing your eyes and breathing. Meditation is the ability to be present with what is in this moment and connecting to the one who is aware of the sensations, emotions and thoughts.

3. Love - The keystone of our retreat is the learning and the experience of the opening of the heart and working with the healing powers of love.

4. Group -  Working in pairs and sharing within the group will use the power of many to enhance the experience. You will benefit from the presence of others as reflections of yourselves.


Our practice is inspired by the approaches of Dr. Leonard Laskow ("Healing with Love"), Dr. Nader Butto ("Energy Washout") and Zen Master Nissim Amon ("Trilotherapy") and by our ongoing experience of healing the heart, mind, body and spirit.

The Elements of our retreat

A variety of exercises practiced in groups, individually or in pairs in order to:

  • Learn about Loving yourself and the evolution of your love from conditioned love to unconditional love.

  • Liberate yourself energetically and physically from your emotions that may have crystallized in your body using a powerful practice called Energy Washout. This method involves opening the chakras and releasing old wounds and traumas.

  • Learn to make peace with your past by going through the liberating experience of forgiveness for yourself and for others. Accept what can not be changed to move towards a lighter future.

  • Practice movement through a daily energy practice.  

  • Deepen your meditation practice.

  • Learn to co-create your life and what you really want.

  • Immerse yourself in nature.

  • Enjoy surprises to come ...



Eran Markose is an Israeli healer who has been teaching and practicing healing in Israel, Europe, Switzerland and the United States over the last few years. His mission is to help others on their spiritual and healing paths by creating a space of love and peace and to support all those who wish to discover their true nature and feel better in their lives.


Eran teaches and guides through meditation, energy work and connection with the heart. His researcher's mind leads him to find the best possible ways to touch the heart of each person and to allow healing to happen in the lives of all who seek it.


His journey ...

Trilotherapy with Zen Master Nissim Amon.

Energetic Emotional Washout with Dr. Nader Butto.

Holoenergetic Healing with Dr. Leonard Laskow.


Karine D'Oro is a therapist in Geneva. She has developed a holistic approach that allows each person to find their way physically, emotionally and spiritually.

She has been guiding groups in different approaches over the last

14 years.



Her opening heart invites each person she accompanies to open more and reconnect with their essential nature.


She has trained in different approaches (Nutrition, Hypnotherapy, Holoenergetic Healing, Energetic Emotional Washout and much more ...)





Accommodation & Meals:

Single person in a shared room: 220 CHF

Single person in a double room: 290 CHF

Single room: 320 CHF

Hotel (5 min walk away from the Seminar house): 400 CHF

The price includes accommodation for 2 night and meals for the entire weekend


Participation in the workshop: (not including accommodation)

Early registration until 15th February: 500 CHF.
Registration after 15th February: 600 CHF

Final prices in the registration form below.

The retreat will take place in Seminar House Witebach close to Lucerne. 
The address: Heiligkreuz, 6166 Hasle, Switzerland. 

Time and schedule

We will begin on Friday 13th of March at 15:00 and end Sunday 15th of March at 16:00.

Friday - Opening circle, setting intention and Introduction, Learning about unconditional love.

Saturday -  Energy Washout, meditation, nature and group sharing.

Sunday - Movement, Forgiveness and self forgiveness, Co-creator, Healing circle and more...

For any question about the retreat please write Eran at

"For Karine and Eran

I had never lived The Power Of Love at this point.

Thank you both, you are gorgeous of sincerity.

You must continue to give your peers the opportunity to live this fabulous experience."



"A heartfelt thank you for this wonderful weekend that invites us to go in, in depth.

I participated for the second time and it is always so strong.

Karine and Eran form a very complicit duo, which guides us with gentleness, respect and harmony. Who guides us from far into the depths of ourselves, in the respect of our commitment, always with love and kindness.

The exercise in white is so powerful to make us feel Love in all its forms, whether we give it or receive it. With the experience of this weekend, I leave confident in life and its trials that are there to make us grow. I have stored up a new force, and the desire to radiate this love in my environment. "

Thank you, thank you, thank you both for all you have given us.

"What I experienced this weekend is overwhelming with love. In a simple process by the question who are you?

To the many answers we have touched what it is to send love to each other and receive back. This love helped to dare to touch the original wound and feel where it was deposited in the body. Touching the lack, the life forces I needed were revealed. A healing image symbolizing this life energy force will accompany me with the help of a drawing as a reminder in everyday life. The logic of the process has brought us into a process of forgiveness. What a blessing to be able to tell the person who hurt me and what it caused later and how I built myself through that and that I could take full responsibility.

What happiness to forgive and love me in my imperfection! We are beings of love.

I thought of many of my patients that I wish they could live this healing journey. "


"Thank you for opening the way to me" From your heart, who are you? " and forgiveness.

It took me a lot of love and 2 sessions of forgiveness to manage to remove a veil. The work is just beginning, what a pleasure to feel his heart filled with space, love and lightness. Thank you and I Love You »

"A very nice workshop on Healing and Forgiveness, where emotion has the right to take the place and gradually transform itself to become at the end of the 2nd day an immense ball of love shared between us.

A warm and deep thank you to Karine and Eran who complement each other so well! "

"Huge thanks to our two companions, full of compassion and love. In a climate of trust, even the most timid can open their hearts and talk straight about their suffering. I am one of those!

To express my deep wounds without shame, despite my long journey on this earth (I say so, for I have not been able to heal them to this day) allowed me to pin them down and SERIOUSLY begin to HEAL them.

My hope is to be able to blur them forever and leave this world with confidence. Love is our only wealth. Today I feel richer and less alone. With all my heart Thank you. I kiss you "



"A journey of love ...

What a good, wonderful feeling to receive so much love and give it at the same time!

Forgiveness to me opens the main door for me to feel my old sufferings, to accept them but "to let go" to open me now, to life.

Thank you The little girl in me has fully enjoyed the shower of unconditional love!

How good it is, how delicious! Thank you. Thank you. Gracias a la vida. "

"Thank you for sharing the fire of love with me.

Thank you I now feel more alone in my spiritual quest.

Thank you for welcoming me as I am and allowing me to feel who I am.

Thank you for having welcomed my birth.

Thank you for the depth of your teaching and sharing from the heart.

Thank you for your great work.

Thank you for the beauty and grace of your accompaniment.

thank you so much

Good continuation and may love and light be with you »


"First time in my life to talk about the whole weekend about Love. Lots of interesting discoveries about myself I did not know. So good to find peace and security. A great feeling of wholeness in my heart. Great practice tools we experience these two days to connect the soul, heart and body. I go home with the feeling of: I want more of this stuff and see you two soon again. Hopefully! Thank you with lots of gratitude! "

148 Route de Saint Julien,

CH-1228 Plan-Les-Ouates


© Karine and Eran